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Chad Coppess

 I started my photographic journey while attending high school in the historic Black Hills of South Dakota. My original dream was to become a car racing photographer, which lead me to the Indianapolis 500 and more, but it was summers working at Crazy Horse Memorial that pointed the real direction - travel and tourism photography. I spent 28 years at the South Dakota Department of Tourism and am now the Photo Editor for South Dakota Magazine. Along the way there have been a few interesting detours into music and motorcycle stunt photography. This site is simply a collection of some of my favorite images. It's fun to see them all together.

I don't sell prints and I'm not looking for more work, just hoping you enjoy the pictures.

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Black Hills Photo Shootout

Sept. 22-24, 2023

Be part of South Dakota's longest-running photography event, the Black Hills Photo Shootout, Sept. 22-24 2023.

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